Another Brick in the Wall?

Tuesday’s are interesting. They feel like a Monday to me. There’s something magical about an album that never gets old. The Dark Side of the Moon is one of those timeless records that just keeps spinning and spinning like the willie nelson record that they shot into space with the Voyager (which by the way has left our universe). Can you imagine being in charge of deciding what music should be shot into oblivion for the void to hear for all time? It takes a really brave sound to go where no other sound had ever gone. I would imagine it’s not very noisy in space. The record can probably heard from miles around it. That golden record; spinning, spinning. Keep spinning, but spin whatever you’d like. “Any colour you like”.


music is the medicine

How often a day do you listen to music? It’s not all the same type of music is it? No of course not, you’re a human with many emotions and you’re painted like a river with so much feeling. There’s no possible way one type of music can be enough for you. However, I love the feeling of fitting into your genre. Finding a music that fits you. I say that in the most exotic way. Right now I’m writing this to you while listening to Santo and Johnny from the 60’s. I’m in a quant shop and everything around me is bustling but I have my headphones in. I can’t be entertained by what’s going on around me. Have you ever experienced a type of music that can make you close your eyes. It takes you. It’s not against your will, you let it. It puts you on a beach with the crawling fingers of shade from the palm fronds running down your tan body. You can almost feel the breeze running past your neck brushing that tuft of hair from behind your ear back on to your cheek. Or does that music put you on a subway coming home from a stroll down times square where you couldn’t be anything more than just a face in a crowd if you tried.

Listen to something today that takes you all the way away. Use your imagination and let the flowing and ebbing tide of sound submerge you.


Rebel with a cause

With a rebel yell she cried more! more! more! If you’re reading this, that means you have heart. I say that with confidence. I want to take up this opportunity to tell you about something I truly care about. You’ll care too once you read about how easy it is to help save them. Polar bears! Those cute, cuddly, vicious, white blobs that roam around Antartica doing what polar bears do. They’re in some serious danger, and we can save them! Not only do I care about the music that makes the world go round, I care about the polar bears that make the Antarctic ecosystem go round. One campaign that I support whole heartedly is called the Save Our Sea Ice Campaign. You can click on that link and educate yourself on why the creature is so important to its habitat. You also could adopt a fuzzy guy. Who doesn’t want to adopt a polar bear!? Haters, that’s who. Do you consider yourself a hater? No? Well go on! Click on the link!

I’ve always cared a lot about the environment. That was instilled in me in a young age. I have been passionate about polar bears ever since I watched a few videos on how badly their habitat is being destroyed by humanity. It sparked something within me to help them. Thank you for reading, now back to our regularly scheduled program.


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What am I doing here?

That’s a golden question. For now, I’ll avoid talking about the meaning of life and why I think we’re here on earth. Although I will say this, we are here to enjoy. I have created this blog based solely on the idea that I want to be in a community where people like the same music as me. A place where we can bounce idea’s off of each other and I can hear about new music from my audience.  I’m here to appeal to that certain part of your mind that likes to link songs with time. You hear a fantastic fast rock song while driving down a winding highway and it forms the mood not only for that moment but for that memory. From that point forward you’ll hear that song and think of the time you felt at inner peace with yourself, your hair blowing in the wind and no other cars on the road to stop you.

I love being able to find music that speaks to that part of your mind. I search endlessly for songs that spark and inner emotion. Music speaks what our situations can’t.

An album that evokes strong emotion in me and brings me to a time of utter peace and happiness is Promise Everything by Basement. I can remember hearing about Basement releasing a new album after what seemed like a forever hiatus. I was shocked and excited to learn about the second album coming from one of my favorite bands. It was around spring time when I really got into it and it became the soundtrack of my life. I loved being able to put it on whenever and escape. Upon listening to it, it took me away from the stresses and trials of what was going on in life. The depth and personality of the album helped to elate the refreshing vibes that came from songs like “Oversized”.

Give this album a listen and escape. basement


My name is Ashley, 

I found solace in music.

I wanted to start by saying thank you for coming to visit my thoughts and ideas. My main wish is to introduce, acclimate, acquaint, and reacquaint avid listeners like myself to the immersive sound of alternative music. My taste in music changes like the seasons. I have always been very eclectic with my listening so do not be surprised if one day I post about the somber chilling waves of The Japanese House and the next I’m talking about how much I can relate to the gritty roots and nostalgic feelings of Kings of Leon

Not only am I here to talk about music I like, but I want to hear about what other people like. That’s how we learn about the new. I’ll be reviewing albums, promoting local artists, finding new sounds, and documenting each moment of my life with a song.  

If you’re here, you enjoy music, and you want someone to connect with in the music world, you’re in the right place. 

You’ll get to know me through the music.


(Photo of myself and my best friend, myself being in the light jean shorts, with my favorite band – The Maine.)